Cast Netting Class

Cast Netting Class


One thing I love about what I do is the ability to merge my passions: faith, fishing, kayaking and teaching, especially for young kids.

I never grow tired of exploring and discovering the beauty and order of creation given to us by God. It is important that we as parents help our kids unpack the awesomeness of creation. This will help them develop a deeper understanding of the natural order of life and foster their call to act as stewards of what has been entrusted to them.

This past week I was able to teach a group youngsters ranging from 3 to 15 the skill of cast netting. We worked on casting with three foot and five foot nets and then I got out my ten footer and we had some fun catching a variety of fish from pinfish to puffers to mullet as well as other marine life like sea urchins and crabs. The fish we caught were placed in temporary tanks until we were able to identify them, appreciate them a little more and then releasing them back into the water.


The kids who sign up for my classes are always so excited about what they experience, not so much the skills I am teaching, but more so with what they discover in the colors and patterns of the various fish, herons trying to sneak in a free meal, and the other sights, sounds and smells of being outdoor. That is not my doing, it is God’s, and I never worry about whether they will be interested because I know He will not disappoint!

Growing up my Dad passed on his love for God and fishing to me. I am excited about passing on what I have learned to my kids and look forward to the opportunity to assist other parents do the same for their kids.

100_0242Visit my web page and click on the Marine Discovery Classes page and see all the different opportunities I offer for private educational marine classes and email me at so I can add you to my monthly mailing list for group events.

Fish On!


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