February 2016

February 2016

February can be one of the most challenging months of the year with temps bouncing up and down with fronts passing through weekly. This makes it hard to rely on a dependable bite.

The snook have been very tight lipped this winter, but recent trips I finally had some success around residential docks with artificial lures.  The biggest snook I had was 35 in plus beast that jumped twice like a tarpon once he realized he was hooked and then destroyed me on a dock pylon.  Hands down, snook are my favorite inshore species because of their epic strike, runs and in this case acrobats.  I am hoping as the water warms the snook action will become more steady.


The redfish have been hit and miss, with most fish being underslot and a few slot fish.  The ones I have gotten are hanging tight to residential docks or on the beach rock piles.  I have been using shrimp, cut bait and artificials for the reds.

photo (15)

Drum and sheepies and trout have been the most consistent bite this month.   If you put your time in on residential docks using live or frozen shrimp you will be able to run into a good number of the sheepshead and drum.  The trout have been in good numbers on the grass flat pot holes and drop offs.  I have been using soft plastic artificials for the trout.

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As the temperatures are climbing, lots of people have been wanting to just get out kayaking.  There is nothing better on a spring day then to paddle out to a nearby spoil island and have lunch with family and friends.  This is an awesome thing to do with kids.  They love exploring the island and the marine life around it.


As the gulf water temps continue to climb I will shift gears and spend less time around residential docks and the majority of my time on the beaches chasing down the king fish.


Fish ON!!