July/August 2016

Hot summer months can be tough on fishing, but if you pick the right tide and or get our early or late, the fishing can be as hot as the temperature.

This was the case targeting reds all July and August.  I focused my attack on hitting the high tides along mangrove lines when the weather cooperated.  Utilizing cut bait and live pins and grunts under corks made for steady action with lots of upper slot fish and some nice over slots too.

FullSizeRender (9)FullSizeRender-3IMG_2934

The snook fishing has been good to around the passes.  Any strong moving tide is good.   My favorite tide is a full or new moon outgoing tide and live grunts and pins have been my go to bait with soft plastic artificals and cut bait my second choice.

FullSizeRender (7)IMG_3644

The beach fishing has been fun, with grunts and sharks providing plenty.  The tarpon were plentiful in July, but moved off the second week of august.  They will return to our beaches early October for a couple weeks and then we will not see them back till May.  The bait has shown up on the beaches and the action should just get better with mackerel, cobia and other fall species show up in better numbers with cooler temps and plenty of bait.

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Fish On!!