Malibu Kayaks


I am proud to announce I joined forces with Malibu Kayaks!  I now will be using solely Malibu brand kayaks on my charters:  operating with a Malibu Stealth 14, two Malibu Stealth 12’s and a Malibu X-13.

For a chance to demo any of the kayaks below call 727-667-2480.

Visit Malibu Kayak’s to see more kayak options and accessories.

Color options:

stone          mango       lime              sand           midnight camo

desert and winter camo available too!

MALIBU STEALTH 14-  $1,299 plus tax

Max. Capacity 550 lbs. L: 14’4″ W: 33″ WT: 62 lbs

Malibu Stealth 12 – $999
Max. Capacity 450 lbs. L: 12’4″ W: 33″ WT: 55 lbs

MALIBU X-13 – $899 plus tax

Max. Capacity 450 lbs. L: 13’10” W: 29″ WT: 60 lbs

Malibu Mini X – $629 plus tax

Max. Capacity 325 lbs. L: 9’3″ W: 33.5″ WT: 40 lbs

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