The Kayak Advantage

Why choose kayak fishing????   It’s the Unfair Advantage!!

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Some people give me a strange look when I tell them I am a kayak fisherman.  To them, the combination of these two sports, kayaking and fishing, would only spell disaster.  This is especially true when I explain I fish for big game species like tarpon, cobia, shark, grouper and kingfish off the beaches of the Tampa Bay area .


The truth is that fishing kayaks are designed wider and more stable than the commonly thought of touring kayaks.    These wider fishing kayaks sacrifice speed to gain stability, but this stability allows for a comfortable and stable fishing platform.  The kayak industry has even stepped up their designs, allowing for fisherman to easily stand to paddle board and sight fish, which is just the latest game changer, making kayaks even more effective fishing machines.

In fact I would argue that kayak fishing is more enjoyable and effective than boat fishing.  Obviously boats get the nod when it comes storing gear, bait and tackle as well covering territory, but to me the benefits of the kayak give a fisherman an unfair advantage.

Here is my list for why you may want to rethink Kayak Fishing.

  1.  Trailers/boat docks

It seems every time I take out my boat I am spending hours maintaining the trailer’s tires, lights, and bearings.  Then add problems that can arise from getting to and from the boat dock, jockeying for a position at the ramp and navigating traffic on the intracoastal waterways getting from spot to spot.  Kayaking can allow you to avoid all these headaches by getting to your drop site, unloading your kayak at the water’s edge and paddle minutes to your fishing spot.  This translates to more time on the water fishing and a lot less stress.


  1.  Cost and maintenance

The amount of time and money spent maintaining a boat as well as the cost of gas can make even the most avid boater start thinking kayaks.  Kayaks inexpensive compared to boats and practically maintenance free, clean up quick, and oh yeah… run on $0.00 gas per trip.

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  1.  Fish-ability

I can get to every inshore and near shore fishing spot that I can from my boat and then some, like back water canals and skinny water flats that that my 15 foot skiff could only dream of getting to.


  1.  Overall Experience

No motor, no noise, just you and nature. Kayaking allows you to SLOW down and take in the beauty of God’s creation.


  1. Stealth

You can’t beat the stealth approach that a kayak provides for stalking and catching fish.  In fact, this is where the kayak really has an edge.  Boat noise over kayaks is an obvious, but another factor people don’t think of is that boats displace a lot of water.  The fish can sense this and often will spook.  The kayak allows you to get super close without pushing away the fish.

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  1.  Eco-Friendly

No gas or oil spills, no prop scar marks on the flats, no sub surface noise clutter… Talk about minimizing your carbon foot print on the ecosystem.  It’s just you, your kayak and paddle power!!


There a lot of great fishing kayaks on the market today.  I love Malibu Kayaks for my fishing charters.  The most important thing before purchasing a fishing kayak is spending some time demoing the kayak and find the one that best suits your needs.

Get out there and take advantage of all that kayak fishing has to offer!!

One thought on “The Kayak Advantage

  1. My wife and I are looking into buying some kayaks for the lake soon. I really like your point about spending more time on boat maintenance than actually being on the water. We want to maximize our time having fun so we’ll have to look into some kayaks that are easy to maintain. Thanks for the help!

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